Last week we took delivery of a brand new Epson 7890. The new printer is much larger and heavier than our old model, but also much quicker at printing. It features a TFP print head for enhanced dot quality and crisp images. Ink set used is the Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks with vivid magenta.

With our previous printer you had to decide between printing with Matte Black ink for fine art prints and canvas or Photo Black for gloss and lustre papers, switching between the two used to involve dumping a lot of ink and used to be very costly. With the new printer it runs both Matte Black and Photo Black and switching between the two is quick and easy.

We will be trying out a range of new gloss papers from the likes of Hahnemuhle, Fotospeed and Permajet over the next month and add a new range of gloss papers to our range shortly.