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How To Order

Orders can be placed by email, telephone or post.

We will then email to confirm you to confirm the details of your order such as print paper, mount size, moulding choice, whether the image is to be close mounted or mounted with a border to sign underneath the image etc.

Preparing Images For Prints

Images should be saved as 300PPI or you can simply send us the largest file you have and we will do the rest. There is no need to up-size your images, our printing rip software can do this at the printing stage. Images can be lightly sharpened or sent over as unsharpened files. File format should be Tif or Jpeg. Images should be sent in RGB format.

If you would like to soft proof your images in photoshop or other programmes first then just send us a quick email and we can email you over all of our custom icc printer profiles for our different media.

For larger numbers of images you may want to send them as compressed zipped files, this will compress the files to make them quicker to send without losing anything or affecting your images.

Sending Files

We can receive files online via companies such as here you can send files upto 2GB free of charge. Files can also be sent online via Dropbox. Simply send your files via to

Files can also be sent on a CD/DVD via the post to Photography Printing, 25 Bradfield Drive, Martham, Norfolk, NR29 4UP.

Quick and simple to use and the service is free. You can send single images or for multiple images simply compress and zip the file before sending. Please send the files to 

PostalFiles can be sent through the post on disc. Please send to, 25 Bradfield Drive, Martham, Norfolk, NR29 4UP


Dropbox is a popular way to send files to us online, its a free programe where you can upload images and simply share the folders with us.


We can also receive images by FTP please contact us for our FTP details.

If sending images online please send a quick email first confirming your order details.


You may be able to send images by email. The majority of email providers restrict the size of email attachments so you will need to make sure your images are not being downsized when sending them over. Our email address for sending files to is

How To Pay

Payment can be made via paypal, by cheque, bank transfer or cash.

To pay by cheque please send a cheque made payable to Chris Herring Photography, 25 Bradfield Drive, Martham, Norfolk, NR29 4UP

Please contact us if you would like to pay by Paypal or Bacs transfer.

How Long Will My Order Take?

Printed & Mounted Orders are usually dispatched within five working days. For framed orders and Canvas orders please allow up to 10 workings day, although we are usually able to get orders out much quicker depending on the complexity and our current workloads.