Window Mounted Fine Art Prints


One of our most popular services is our fine art window mounted print service. We can ship one-off orders either directly to you or your customers, or handle larger orders for retail or exhibitions. Once mounted, the images are ready to frame. If you opt for a standard sized mount then they will fit seamlessly into most standard off the shelf picture frames.

We start by creating your artwork as a fine art giclée print, which is then mounted with a window mount and backing. Notably, we use the same quality board for both the backing and window mount, ensuring durability. Our standard mountboard is a sturdy 1400 microns thick, with options for extra thickness or double mounts upon request.

A mounted print consists of a window mount and backing board, joined together on one side. Prints are meticulously mounted to the backing board using acid-free mounting tape and T-Hinges, allowing them to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity, preventing any cockling. Once mounted, your product is placed in a high-quality self-adhesive print bag for most standard frame sizes. For non-standard sizes, prints are wrapped in clear cellophane.

We exclusively stock Whitecore and Conservation Boards using higher quality boards from Larson Juhl, we don’t stock any cheaper budget brand boards. Our brightest mountboard, Snow White, is a whitecore-only board, meeting most conservation standards, but containing OBA’s for a brighter appearance so can’t be recognised as a full conservation board. Although OBA’s do not damage the artwork, the Fine Art Trade Guild does not classify them as conservation boards. For the brightest white mountboard meeting conservation standards, check out our Glacier Board. Rest assured, all of our boards are full whitecore or conservation whitecore standard, preventing the bevel of the mount from discolouring, unlike cheaper spec mountboards.

We offer various mountboard colours for window mounts / photo mounts, with Snow White and Glacier being the most popular and blackcore boards also available. We have a total of over 100 other colours available upon request.

We also offer backed fine art prints in cello bags. Please click here for our Backed & Wrapped Flat Prints. 

Window Mounted Prints

  • Snow White
    smooth board that is our brightest and most popular board, it also combines well with the colour of most of our giclee papers if you are planning on using a print border.
  • Glacier
    Glacier is more of a natural white and is our brightest white board for those that are after a conservation level white board with a tiny bit of texture.
  • Hayseed
    Hayseed is more of an off white textured board that is often popular with artists
  • Pale Ivory
    Pale Ivory is the perfect board for those looking for an ivory/light cream board. Smooth finish
  • Euro Grey
    Euro Grey is a light grey board with a slight texture.
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Black White Core & Black Core available




Things to consider before sending through artwork


Step 1

The first step is to decide if you want your image close mounted or mounted with a print border. We can mount your images close mounted so there is no border between the mount and image, this is our most popular option, (approx 0.5 cms of the image will be hidden on each side of the mount). Additionally we can also mount your work with a small print border between the image and the mount. This then allows the photographer to sign and title the image on the artwork and you don’t lose any of the image behind the mount. We don’t charge extra for what ever option you decide, it really come down to the look you are after.

Example Below


Left image = Close Mounted right image = Mounted With Print Border


Step 2, Size

When you are ordering mounted prints there are a few things to consider before sending through your images for print. The main one to think about revolves around mounted image size. Most people opt to have their images mounted to fit standard frame sizes, this means they will fit straight into ready made frame sizes which can be a big selling point for perspective customers looking to by an artists work. If you are opting for mounts that fit a standard frame sizes then you need to decide if you are going to crop your images to fit the standard frame sizes or if you would like the mount margins uneven to make up the difference.

By far the most popular ready made mounted frame sizes are 16 x 12 inchs, 30 x 40cms, 20 x 16 inchs, 40 x 50 cms other sizes that are also popular are 11 x 14 inchs, 30 x 30 cms, 40 x 40cms, 50 x 50cms, 70 x 50cms and 80 x 60cms.

If you want your mount margins nice and even and matching which can be big plus when selling in a retail environment then it can be worth considering cropping your images before they are sent over. For example if you opt for a 50 x 40 cm mounted product and decide on a print border of 1cms on each side + 5cm mount margins on all sides then you would need to crop your image to 38 x 28 cms.

The actual width of the mount margin varies depending on the size of your image, we can decide what works best ourselves or we are happy to let you decide. Smaller frames often work well with a margin of around 5 – 6 cm where as larger images will look better with a wider margin. You can choose to have equal margins, or some people prefer a heavier margin at the bottom.

Standard Ready made Frame Sizes can be found here.

Step 3

Once you have decided on sizing the final options are to choose your fine art paper choice and then finally your mount colour.

Popular Size Mounting Price List (price includes fine art  giclée printing)

Other sizes also available

Print SizePrice (including printing, mounting & cello bag)
8 x 10 inchs£9.25
12 x 8 inchs£9.50
30 x 40 cms£15.45
16 x 12 inchs£15.45
18 x 12 inchs£16.95
20 x 16 inchs£28.45
24 x 16 inchs£33.95


We are not VAT registered so there is not VAT due on top of our prices.


Please contact us for a delivery quote. Smaller orders can be send via the cheaper service using Royal Mail, larger sizes and larger orders will be sent via courier at a max cost of £12.99.