New Printer

We have just taken delivery of a brand new large format printer. We have moved away from epson and are now using the Canon Pro 2000 using 12 different colours of Lucia pro inks to produce stunning prints with an extremely wide colour gamut.

Only had it up and running for a few days, but so far really impressed.

New Fine Art Papers Added

We have recently added a number of new papers to the range including Fotospeeds NST Bright White, Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl and Fotospeed PF Gloss.
So far the Fotospeed NST Bright White is proving very popular with our regulars who are trying this paper for the first time.

What’s the Difference Between Whitecore & Creamcore Mountboards?

For my printing and framing business I often get asked for a mountboard that has a white edge rather than a brown edge so I thought I would write a small post discussing the basic difference between Whitecore and Creamcore mountboards.

A mount or mat as it is refereed to in some countries is actually used to protect the artwork by separating it from the glass in a picture frame. It also has the added benefit of decoration, but it’s main purpose is to stop the artwork from coming into contact with the glass. Condensation will form on the glass and if the glass touches the artwork, the artwork will absorb moisture, will cockle and mould can also form.

Mountboard varies from each manufacturer, but most manufactures will offer a few different grades. Cream core board is the cheapest, the actual cream colour refers to the middle of the board and is not necessarily cream when cut. The bevel exposing the core even if white or pale ivory when cut will discolour and turn a creamy brown colour. This does not usually happen until after a period of time, usually a year or two. This board can also contain impurities that can cause acid burn to the artwork. The acid inside the board leaks out from the board and can damage the artwork.


2015-1920Above is an image I recently had in for reframing. The bevel from the creamcore had turned brown and the images was full of dust under the glass. The customer informed me the image was purchased from a photographer only three years ago at considerable cost.Whitecore board is similar to the creamcore but has the lignin removed so that the core is white and stays white. The board itself can still damage artwork and is not a conservation standard mountboard. Conservation Whitecore mountboard contains no recyled pulp. The lignin is removed so the core stays white and is lined with conservation backing and facing papers.The reason creamcore board is often used still is purely down to price, it costs a fraction of the price as conservation mountboard. Most of the ready made frames purchased off the shelf will usually contain mounts cut with creamcore mountboard. For me as a photographer and as a framer it’s an easy choice, I would always use a conservation whitecore board as I want my images to still look good in years to come. Even if I was using ready made frames I would still replace the mounts to conservation whitecore ones. As a photographer it’s amazing how many customers will suddenly return for another order years after purchasing an initial image or as a result of someone seeing an image framed elsewhere, whether at a friends house or displayed in a Hotel or office etc and I know if the frame or mount is not at it’s best this would no longer be the case. Good quality artwork is framed on a wall is fantastic advertising for futures business and representing the quality of your goods.

Paper Test Packs Now Available


As our available paper range is growing we are now offering test packs of all the papers we currently Offer.
Test packs include a colour and B&W sample of the same image for each paper. Papers included in the test pack are listed below.
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308
Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300
Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285
Fotospeed PF Lustre 275
Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300
Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240

Test packs are £2.00 and include delivery, to purchase please use the paypal cart below. Once you place your first order you will then receive £2.00 off.

Exhibition by landscape Photographer Ann Holmes


Been really busy the last few weeks with working through lots of different exhibition orders for artists and photographers. One that starts today is from Yorkshire based photographer Ann Holmes who is holding an exhibition up on the Isle of Arran. The exhibition runs until June so if anyone is up there it’s well worth taking a look. It includes a mixture of frame sizes from A4 right up to some really large work, all printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag fine art paper and custom framed in matt black moulding. The quality of Ann’s images is absolutely stunning and it’s well worth checking out her website.

A1 and extra large framed prints

Over the Christmas period our main Courier Citylink went into administration and are no longer accepting parcels. For larger framed sizes such as A1 framed prints the size goes over the max size and weight of many alternative couriers and these have to go via couriers using their specialist heavy / large service. As such if you require postage for A1 framed images please contact us for a delivery quote before ordering.

Website Down

Our website is now up and running again since being down from Friday last week.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

New Gloss Papers Added

We have now added two new papers to our available range. These are Fotospeeds PF Lustre 275 and Fotospeeds Baryta 300.

New large format printer

Last week we took delivery of a brand new Epson 7890. The new printer is much larger and heavier than our old model, but also much quicker at printing. It features a TFP print head for enhanced dot quality and crisp images. Ink set used is the Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks with vivid magenta.

With our previous printer you had to decide between printing with Matte Black ink for fine art prints and canvas or Photo Black for gloss and lustre papers, switching between the two used to involve dumping a lot of ink and used to be very costly. With the new printer it runs both Matte Black and Photo Black and switching between the two is quick and easy.

We will be trying out a range of new gloss papers from the likes of Hahnemuhle, Fotospeed and Permajet over the next month and add a new range of gloss papers to our range shortly.

New Fotospeed Papers Added

We have now added two new papers to our range from Fotospeed. The first new paper is Fotospeed Cotton Smooth 300. This is a 100% cotton Art paper producing the highest archival levels with a smooth white surface. This is a smoother fine art cotton paper than the popular Hahnemuhle Photo Rag we also offer. The second new paper is Platinum Etching 285gsm. This is a newly developed Fine Art Paper made from 25% cotton and 75% Alpha cellulose. With a state of the art inkjet coating and velvety texture, It gives the user sharpness, colour gamut and density second to none. This is a slightly more textured paper.

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